Product Video Toilet Paper 2 Ply by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our 250 sheet bulk toilet paper, so you can see how they come. They come in a pack like so. There is 48 rolls in this whole pack here and I’m just going to show you what they are. I’m going to open one up. Inside the pack, there’s 12 separate packs, each with four rolls in it. So you can see they’re individually wrapped. They’re bar-coded if you need to sell them, resell them for resale. They’re great. These are great for resorts. These are perfect for toilet roll for service departments in resorts where you need to supply some toilet rolls for the starter pack but they are a very nice toilet roll and they’re not too large a toilet roll. So it’s not costing you a great deal to stock the room up with these but they are a good quality and anybody would be happy with these.

So you see what they are. They are four rolls to a pack—Whisper—it’s two ply, 250 sheets per roll. Quality toilet tissue that’s virgin material which means that it’s not recycled toilet paper.

And I’ll just show you exactly what the toilet paper roll is inside. These are also good for home use, for offices if you need to supply bulk toilet rolls—these are quite priced and an economical way to buy them. And you can see the paper here, what it is. It’s got a nice, embossed paper here. Standard width, they’re not a small toilet roll and there’s 250 sheets. Just come attached like so and just a normal toilet roll—you get the idea of what it is there and you can see, see the embossed finish in them there. A nice, soft white, very soft, nice soft, white toilet roll.

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