Product Video - Toilet Paper 200 sheet 2 ply by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our True Soft two ply, 200 sheet toilet rolls. Now these are our most economical toilet rolls that we have so there’s only 200 sheets per roll, which is the same as most domestic rolls sold in supermarkets. Two ply and it is made out of recyclable material so if you’re environmental conscious, these are good. But they are nice, white toilet roll and they are, they are still very soft. They’re not a hard, recycle toilet paper. They are thing. They’re not a nice thick, thick toilet roll—but price-wise, very economical.

These are very popular with serviced apartments, there, they’re really popular with serviced apartments that want to keep their price down so when you’re providing one roll for guest starter packs, that sort of thing, for holiday accommodation, in any apartments or flats, these are quite popular if you’re budget conscious and you want to keep your price down because they are a very economical toilet roll, per roll.

And you can see in the background they’re sold in a pack and that pack’s got 48 rolls so we only sell them per pack, which has got 48 rolls in it and inside the pack, you can see there is 12 packs of four toilet paper here so that’s them there and you can see, I’ve taken this first toilet roll out of there so there’s usually four inside there like so.

And these fit in our triple toilet dispensers if you ever do need them. So the triple load toilet dispenser like so fits three toilet rolls inside there—one, two, three, and they just drop down and they dispense out of the bottom if you do need those.

Now, like I said, they are popular with holiday accommodation, also popular with say, workshops, mechanics, that sort of thing, any sort of tradespeople who just need a bulk toilet paper that want something nice and economical for the guys at work or offices there who want a nice, economical sort of toilet paper.

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