Product Video - Toilet Paper 700 sheet 2 ply by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our Regal 700 sheet toilet paper —now the 700 sheet comes in a package, in a roll like so. So this is what the rolls look like, each one’s individually wrapped in paper. Now the 700 sheet is really popular with holiday accommodation where you need to supply toilet rolls consistently. So 700 sheets is a very large, is the largest supply that we do sell so it’s where you have to supply a lot of toilet paper but you don’t want to go into the rooms and change the toilet paper regularly.

So for example, in motels or hotels where this is the case, where you do supply it and you don’t want to have to keep sending your cleaners up to the change the, change the toilet rolls. Also popular with offices or anything along those lines for the same reason—where you want to supply a nice, large toilet roll that will last a long time on the, on the roll without having to be changed.

And you can see in the background how they do come, in a box of 48 so we only do sell them by the box of 48 and that’s what the box looks like. Inside, you can see the toilet rolls inside there, so there’s 48 rolls inside there. That’s how they come.

And then to put them in a dispenser, we also sell this triple dispenser here if you do need to put them inside a toilet roll dispenser so they just fit in there like so, drop down to the bottom, and that’s how they are supplied. So you can see it fits in there and then you just have to slide it down so you can fit up to three toilet rolls inside there and then they just slip down to the bottom and they can dispense there.

So these are really popular with body corporate and service departments where you want to supply toilet rolls like so. Now the dispensers are sold separately from the toilet rolls. You can buy these at any time. The stainless steel ones are nice and sturdy and they do last quite awhile.

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