Product Video - Toilet Paper 850 Sheet 1 ply by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our True Soft one ply, 850 sheet toilet paper. Now these are a bulk one ply toilet paper where you want a really nice, economical toilet paper and the main reason you buy these over the 1,000 sheet toilet rolls if so they fit in a triple dispenser like so. So if you’ve got a triple dispenser, like these, these are the toilet rolls you want because they fit inside.

Now I’m just going to describe the toilet rolls then I’ll show you the dispenser next. So the toilet rolls, we sell these in a pack of 48 and you can see in the background that pack has 48 rolls in it, like so. That’s how they are sold, one pack of 48 and inside that pack, there’s 12 separate packs, and each pack has four rolls in each one. So you can see that pack there, four toilet rolls and I’ll just take a toilet roll out.

They are a nice, soft, white toilet paper. It’s still quality toilet paper but it is a single ply and quite thin, so this is used in holiday accommodation, in caravan parks, that sort of thing—budget holiday accommodation like backpackers, quite popular with, and also shopping centers where you use a triple toilet dispenser.

Also popular in offices where you want to keep the price down of your toilet rolls, you want a standard toilet roll that fits in a dispenser and that’s what the toilet paper looks like there and you just take it off like so.

And the, so the dispensers look like this. Now that’s, they fit three of these toilet rolls in here and 1,000 sheet toilet rolls, which is the largest one—do not buy them for these dispensers because they won’t fit. So the 850 sheet, as you can see, I’m putting it in there and that’s dropped down and we just force that down to the bottom, bottom one, and then these just come out nicely like so. so you can see the toilet paper and it dispense out quite nicely and easily.

Now that, now these are sold separately, these stainless dispensers and these really do cut your costs down because people can’t break into them so easily with these. So if you buy these dispensers and these toilet rolls, it’s a very cheap and economical way to supply toilet paper for you customers because they’re not easy to steal because they’re in these nice, sturdy dispensers.


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