Product Video - Toilet Paper Premium 400 Sheet 2 ply by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our Regal Gold two ply, 400 sheet toilet rolls. Now this is a two ply toilet roll which has 400 sheets per roll so that’s the roll there and this is how the rolls come inside, individually wrapped in a nice tissue paper there.

And in the background you can see the carton they come in. They are sold per carton only and there’s 48 rolls per carton like so, so they’ll stack in there like that. Now these are quite popular for holiday accommodation where you want a really, a quite a nice toilet roll.

See these are a nice, soft, white toilet tissue. They’re embossed with a pattern and they are lightly fragranced so they have a light perfume through there. So you can see how nice and white that is and up close, you can see the little flowers that are embossed in the toilet paper there. And that’s so you can see them and these are a 400 sheet, so standard domestic rolls are usually around 200 sheets per roll so they are quite a bit bigger than a standard domestic roll.

These are really popular with, say, office. They’re popular to supply offices with a good quality toilet paper, who want to give a nice toilet paper to their staff, want a nice, large roll so you don’t have to change it too regularly, will have your cleaners changing, changing it all the time, and you’re not running out as regularly. They’re quite popular for that. Also popular for hotels and holiday accommodation who want a nice quality toilet roll in their rooms or cabins.

So that’s how they do come and then they are, they also fit in our stainless steel triple dispenser. So these are really popular for body corporates and offices where, where you want to lock the toilet rolls in here. So if you install these dispensers, it really does help keeping people from stealing your toilet rolls. It’s amazing how many people do steal toilet rolls but these are nice, stainless, and lockable. They got the key on the top there and they just open up like so and they fit three toilet rolls inside, which help people running out so you won’t ever run out because you can always see your toilet roll inside there if there is any.

So these do help people stop from going through their toilet rolls. We’ve installed those dispensers. It’s really kept the toilet roll turnover down because so many were getting stolen with some areas.

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