Red, White and Champagne Glasses Teardrop Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here is a short video describing our three glasses from the teardrop glass range. So you can see what you have here. Each of these is sold separately as a set of one dozen. So you can buy a dozen bulk champagne flutes, a dozen red wine glasses, or a dozen white wine glasses depending on what you use. If you need the whole set, that’s what you can get there.

These are popular with restaurants, catering, they’re popular, pubs, clubs, that sort of thing where you’re serving quite a lot of drinks and you want a nice, stylish glass that suits the drink you’re serving whether it’s white wine glasses, red wine, or champagne.

And they really are made to last. They’re a good quality, commercial glass so they’re, the glass is a top quality. It’s made to be put in and out of dishwashers quite regularly, high volume use. To be used, used quite a lot there. They really are made to last, a nice, inexpensive glass for the quality you got there.

Nice, standard size, reasonably thick stem so as they look quite stylish but they don’t tend to break—the stems, unless they cop a real knock, same as the champagne glass, not too small. They’re really popular with weddings, any sort of catering for functions, for conference rooms and so on.

And you can see in the background there, you’ve got the box that they do come in. So I’m just going to show you what that is. They’re sold per dozen in a box like so and they are stacked in there like that. And you can see how they come. Each glass is separated there with a piece of cardboard so if you are catering for functions, you can keep these boxes and store them like so if you look after the box, they’re a good quality box and they’re stacked in there like that.

We send these all around Australia in these boxes and they do stand up to that use. If any do arrive broken or damaged, take a photo, e-mail it and we’ll either replace or refund the broken ones.

If you do need to buy them, you’ll see on the listing for each product, you’ll see the actual dimensions, they overall height, the diameter across the top there, the diameter across the bottom, across there, and then, then the overall height and the volume of each glass.


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