Removal of Urine Stains and Smell in Grout

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 


One of our distributors last week reported success with PeroxyClean at a large leagues club.
The distributor approached the operations manager at the club hoping to get them to consider swapping from True Blue to Mountain. At their first meeting the operations manager said he was very happy with True Blue and was not interested in looking at the Mountain products. At the second meeting the operations manager said if the distributor was able to solve a problem of his, then he would be happy to look at the Mountain product range.

The Problem

The operations manager showed the distributor how the grout in the mens’ toilets had become stained from urine and also smelled. In some areas the original white grout was now black which suggests that there was also a mould issue as well. True Blue had tried to solve the problem and failed. The manager said that if they couldn’t get rid of the staining and smell the club would have to regrout a large area of tiling.


For the trial we recommended the following process:
1. Apply PeroxyClean neat using a small, hard brush (wearing appropriate PPE) and gently agitate.
2. Leave for 15 minutes
3. Agitate again with brush and then immediately wipe off residual (do not rinse).
4. Repeat process as necessary.

At the trial, the distributor applied PeroxyClean to a small test area which was particularly badly stained. Because of the high level of staining the process had to be repeated 3 times.
When the application was complete the staining had totally disappeared, the grout had been returned to its original white colour, and there was no smell of urine remaining.
Needless to say the operations manager was amazed and delighted and ordered 20 litres of PeroxyClean immediately and said if the rest of the Mountain products were as good as PeroxyClean he wanted to look at the full range for the club.

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