Removing Sweat Stains from Sheets

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:13 November 2013 

I had a call today from a customer with stained sheets. The caller was the head cleaner of a Motel that we supply cleaning products adn guest amenities to. They asked about yellow looking marks on their mattress protector and pillow protectors, the caller was not sure if it was a stain from using too much bleach in the washing machine or some sort of other stain.

I asked her to descridbe the stain, she said it was yellow in colour, similar to what a urine stain looks like. White fabirc can go this colour if it is bleached too much. If it is bleach there are a couple of telltale signs. The first, is the location of the stain. If it is all over and fairly even, it is probablt bleached in the wash and this cannot be undone in a practical manner. If there are spot stains from bleach, they will be irregular in shape and distribution, like blotches or patches in random spots on the sheet if it has been spilled on them. Our customer said that neither of these were the case, so I asked if the stain was more toward the centre of the sheet and fading as it went out towards the edges, she said yes and same as the pillow protectors, it was in the centre and fading outwards. 

This tells me that it is from sweating, so you need to use something that removes sweat stains. Bleach generally will not do this, as the sweat stains are more of a body fat and dirt based stain, you need to address it as such. We have a few products for sweat stains, the most specific is the Laundry Pre Spray this is designed so you just spray it directly on the stain and throw it in the wash.

In the case of our customer, I actually suggested a degreaser called HDC Degreaser (this will also work to a lesser degree with WipeOff) as it was an item I knew this customer had in stock and that it would also remove the stain. I have a separate customer who is a mechanic and he uses this product in his workshop for cleaning engines and engine parts. He told me that when he leaves at the end of each day, he sprays the grease stains on his overall with HDC Degreaser and throws them in the was. He said his overalls have never been so clean.

With oil, fat and dirt based stains, it definatley does help if the water is warm or even better hot. This does depend on how fragile or sensititive the item being washed is, as hot water will shrink and otherwise ruin some fabrics, so do be cautious with this. Another method is to pre-soak the items in warm water with the HDC of Wipeoff added to it first, for a few hours or even overnight, then throw it in the wash without rinsing it.

I hope these tips have been a help.


John Fay

Maven Supplies

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