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Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013

This is the transcription for the Video above.

[Begin “Catering Trolley Small Maven Supplies”]

Hi, here’s a short video describing our restaurant catering trolley here. This is the small one—the TR101. I’m just going to show you, first, it comes in a flat pack. This one is made up box that you can see, but it comes in a flat pack, a box like this. So it just comes in a small box so as we can send it easily. That’s what you’ve got and then how this comes and then we just put them together with a hammer.

I use, when I use the hammer, I use the rubber part—the actual handle of the hammer. So I hold it like this and then tap, tap it together like so when you have to put it together. So you just tap the bits in. You do need a bit of force so it is, once it is all together, it’s all nice and secure. I haven’t quite tapped this bit down here just to show you how it does come together. That’ll tap right down on the handles there.

So you can see it’s got a handle on each end—there and there. It comes with three shelves. Each shelf is nice and sturdy. They hold about 50 kilos each. It comes with four good quality casters on the bottom and these also tap in. I’m going to show you what they are there. So you can see there they fully swivel. These are a nice, heavy duty, high end use, plastic caster. These are built to last with good, quality, solid, metal brackets. They really are quite a good trolley.

And you can see they have good reinforcement underneath so these are great for restaurants, for cafés, for storing crockery and cutlery when you’re cooking things up, resorts, for any sort of catering. They’re even great for workshops, say the machine parts or even offices, moving archives and files around that can be quite heavy. It’s a really handy, little trolley.

And you can see when you put them together, they’ve got a lip on three sides—each side and the back there as well. But the front doesn’t have a lip, so you can see that there, that this doesn’t have much of a lip there, very small, so you can slide things off. So when you put it together, just make sure the lips are all facing the same way, there, there, and there.

These also come with cutlery bins, which are sold separately, so this is a cutlery bin, which just hangs on the end there, so if you ever need the cutlery bin, they are sold separately and then you can put things in there. And you can see how that’s made; that’s a good quality, plastic and it’s just got a little lip there that sits on the, on the trolley.

And then a large bin for waste, for food scraps, when you’re, that is what they’re ideally designed for—same thing, they just hang on there. You can see how they sit there in between the trolley. So the cutlery bin’s the same size. This one’s just a lot deeper. It’s got the same little hanging bit so you can see how it hangs just there. It’s got a little ridge. So each part of those is sold separately and these fit on all our trolleys. So this is the TR101—great little trolley.

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