Roll Towel Dispenser Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here is a short video describing our hand roll towel and the roll towel dispenser with it. So I’m just going to show you the roll towel and this is what they are. They’re 18 cm across there, the roll towel, and they come on a roll like so. This roll is 80 m of paper rolled up on here.

And they come in a box in the background there so you can see the carton in the background and there’s 16 rolls in the carton. You can see that written there so 16 rolls come in a box like so and that’s how they’re sold. There’s 16 rolls in this box here.

And the paper roll towel here, now that comes off, rolls, through the dispenser there but these are really popular in, with restaurants, restaurant catering kitchens, anywhere, where you’re doing a lot of bulk food processing and your staff need to pull off a lot of paper towel in one hit—say, to wipe their hands quite quickly if they’re, they’re under pressure.

Also popular in workshops, mechanics workshops because the paper towel is a bit thicker and tougher—these handle sort of grease and heavier sort of scrubbing that also commercial kitchens do with very wet hands, yeah, so mechanics, also in mines, mine areas, that sort of thing, anything where there seems to be workers.

They’re quite popular—these, these are also can be fitted in body corporate and shopping centers so all, this is how they’re, they’re done. They’re sold in a dispenser like so and dispenses, you just push this latch down here so they’re not a lockable dispenser, these ones, but these are a really nice, sturdy dispenser.

Again, they’re really popular with mechanics, workshops, mines, that sort of thing where they do get a lot wear and tear because they are metal, they’re quite sturdy, and they handle that sort of thing, and then the paper towel just hangs inside on that little piece there.

Then they got the mounting brackets. They come with small mounting screws and wall plugs here and that, there’s a whole different range of mounting options there to mount them on the wall. Now these are both sold separately so you got the dispenser and the paper towel carton are sold separately.


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