Rubber Bar Mat by Video Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here is a short video describing our rubber load absorbing bar mat. So this is how they come rolled up and you can store these rolled up. That’s how we send them around but I’ll just show you what it looks all laid out. So it comes like so and then we just unroll it there on the ground and you can see how that’s laid out there.

That sits there and it’s got nice chamfered edges, you can see it’s quite thick. It’s about a centimeter and a half thick. I’m just going to show you up close what they look like. So on the edges, they’re nice and chamfered here, which means they taper down on these corners there so that they don’t catch. They sit down nicely on the floor.

Nice and thick, they’ll let any liquids fall through and then your bar staff there can walk around on these and they know they’re not going to slip over. Any liquid or glass will fall through out of their way so they won’t trip on it. And they’re also good if you’re standing there all night behind a bar or restaurant so as they don’t sore feet and legs. The rubber matting is quite thick and shock absorbing like so.

Nice and thick, easy to keep clean, just give them a hose off and scrub down with a, with a broom and a bit of detergent. These are great for any sort of restaurant bar areas, also good for entrance mats when you use then as an entrance mat on the outside to scrap any dirt off on people’s feet. They can just walk over, scrap their feet—good for large entrance areas because they’ll step on them several times like so and get all the dirt off the bottom of their shoes so it doesn’t walk inside the, the property and damage your floors.


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