Ryner Wide Rim Plate Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay  



Here’s a short video describing our Ryner wide rim plate. You can see the plate here has a nice, wide, flat rim. These are really popular with high end restaurants, a really nice, stylish sort of plate there. You can see how they are. This plate is actually the 265 mm plate, which is 265 mm across there, the width. And the rim on these, I’m just going to measure that in front of you there, is just under, just over 4 cm. So the next size up plate will be slightly larger rim but that’s 4.2 cm on that plate.

And you can see here these are dishwasher and microwave safe. They’re a really high end plate. They’re made for high volume use, being, going through dishwashers, and being used repetitive. They’re very chip and crack resistant and have a really nice, glossy, white finish there. Nice vitrified porcelain so great for high end restaurants they are.



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