Sandwich Cutter Guard Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay


Here’s a short video describing the sandwich cutter guard for cutting sandwiches in half. So this is a nice, stacked, good quality stainless steel piece here. You can see what you’ve got—just formed out of one piece of stainless steel, just got a nice, deep groove there. You slide your knife down and you can see it’s fully flat. You put your sandwich underneath here and then you slide your knife in. I don’t have a knife but I’m just going to show you with a ruler here. So you just slide that in the sandwich guard to cut your lunch there. You just see how that slides through? And you just cut—if that was a knife—you just cut the sandwich down through there.

It’s a good size. It can fit small to large sandwiches there, so you cut it in half. If you need to do it in quarters, you just do it twice, so you put one cut that way through and then you turn it ninety degrees, put another cut through that way, and you’ll get perfectly formed quarters. And you can just keep it nice and even because you just mark off these corners here on the width of your sandwich there.

So the size of them—I’m just going to show you how, overall width in centimeters, is just over 13 cm, about 13 ½ cm across. Now this way, we’ve got 18 cm, so you can cut quite a large roll and a nice, big, flat surface here. You can even cut small sandwiches, so if it’s just a small sandwich, it would sit in there, put it through, and you just cut down through there.

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