Sauce Dishes, Soufflé Dishes and Butter Crock Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here is a short video describing our range of porcelain sauce, condiment, and soufflé dishes. And if you just watch this video, I’m going to show you what each one is and a bit about it. So we’re going to start here. We’ve got our sauce dishes and then this is sold as a butter crock and then our soufflé dishes. They can be used for any sort of use or any, anything you do need to display depending on what you need. The dimensions are on the actual listing there.

So you can see here this is a small sauce dish. These are quite popular for things like mayonnaise and, and relishes, that sort of thing. To serve up in either—these are all used in cafés and restaurants, clubs, pubs, any sort of catering, along those lines. They’re very popular. They’re all sold in bulk. So these are all nice, good, popular items here. That’s the largest sauce dish, you need to serve up something a bit bigger, a bit more of a dip or something along those lines.

Butter crock—these are quite popular for serving up butter in when you’re serving desserts or anything with butter or any sort of relishes when you’re serving up breakfast in cafés. You can see the design of those there. They stack on top of each other like so.

And then our soufflé dishes, now these are oven safe. These are really nice quality porcelain. They’re really nice, glossy, good quality porcelain. They’re all good quality, glossy porcelain made for commercial use, built for years of use, as long as they don’t get dropped. They do break if they’re, they’re dropped being of porcelain. And then that’s the largest soufflé dish. You can see the design there if you need to buy these.

Like I said, they are all sold in bulk, all stacked in various amounts depends on—like dozens or maybe two dozens they’re sold in.
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