Scrapers, Turner, Cake Server, Butter Spreader Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here is a short video describing a range of kitchen utensils for commercial or domestic use. So these are very common items for commercial kitchens, for take away catering, and they’re also great for home use. So I’ll just show you what we’ve got here. If you stay watching this video, I’ll show you what these pieces, here.

We’ve got a pie server. I’ll just show you up close. It’s got a good quality, plastic handle. These are dishwasher safe, these, fully stainless steel blade. Just good for cafés and restaurants—nice and hygienic, just a plastic handle. These are very popular. These are very strong. You can just serve up your pies and pastries quite quickly and hygienically. So these, these items are great for most commercial kitchens.

Nice, big hamburger turner. You can see the size of that compared to my hand. That’s a nice, big, flat, flat turner there and it’s also got a beveled edge there which is quite sharp as a scraper—say if you need to cut something say there. Very good for barbeques, for cooking on grills, same plastic handle, dishwasher safe—that’s your hamburger turner.

And I’ll just show you your grill scraper. That’s fully square here. This is just a nice, little, square edge grill scraper. These are used for scraping things off of grills, cleaning it down, cleaning it as a scraper there. I’ve also seen them use, say, for cold rock ice cream. They use it for scraping off the cold rock where they mix up ice creams. These have got a timber handle, just for, these are a bit more comfortable to use a timber handle with—two pins through there. If you need a timber handle grill, that’s what they are.

And your butter spreader, these are very popular for take aways or where you’re making a lot of sandwiches, high use. You can really just lather your butter on. You can hold a fair bit of butter on there and then just spread it on really quickly. Got a nice, broad blade, round end so it doesn’t dig into your bread and again, the plastic handle, which is dishwasher safe.

And then last, we’ve got a narrow scraper—same, it’s got a beveled edge there and you can see how it’s tapered there. These are good, good as a scraper for scraping down place. They’ll cut as with a sharp edge there so you know how you use that and then that’s got the same plastic handle, which is dishwasher safe as well.

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