Serving Spoons, Fork, Turner and Potato Masher Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here is a short video describing our range of stainless steel kitchen utensils as you can see across here, the five pieces which we do sell. We’ve got out potato masher, serving fork, two serving spoons—slotted and un-slotted—and then the egg flip or turner. So I’m just going to describe each piece individually.

These are great for service departments. They’re very popular for service departments. Being stainless steel, they’re nice and durable. They don’t rust, built for years of use, safe in the dishwasher, and very easy to clean—also great for any domestic use and also great for commercial use in a proper kitchen where you need a nice, good quality, thick stainless steel. So they’re made of nice stainless steel. They’re nice and solid, got a whole in each end for hanging and you can see the polished stainless steel. They do look very stylish and they look great in any kitchen.

So this is a stainless steel potato masher you can see how it works there. It’s made for mashing potatoes like so, made of a good solid, stainless steel. It is resistant to bending. Serving fork, just a nice, quality serving fork here just for serving salads, meats, and dishes, that sort of thing, meatballs—anything where you need the prongs to stab in there for the serving fork.

And then the two serving spoons, the slotted ones, so if you need to serve something and drain the liquids out that’s what that’s for, and then the solid one so if you need to serve something with liquids in it. That’s what that’s great for.

And then the egg flip stainless steel, nice, stainless steel egg flip just for turning eggs, steaks, or stir fries—anything along those lines. They are good quality stainless steel, built to last, and for the price that they are, for a good quality, stainless steel, it really is great value. 


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