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Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our range of serving spoons. So, so these are made mainly for commercial use, for kitchens where you need a lot of stainless steel serving spoons for all the shifts or for bistros, bistro areas, for putting in the bain-maries or self service sort of areas, also for catering, for that sort of thing, for serving up dishes, they’re very popular.

So this is what they are. They’re a quality stainless steel made so they are nice and hygienic, dishwasher safe. You can see this one’s—you’ve either got a stainless steel handle or a plastic handle and then different, so, different spoon heads. So this is a non-slotted so if you need to scoop something out that doesn’t need to drain, a hanging hook on the back there.

And these are the other ones with the plastic handle so you can see the plastic handle there is formed, fits in your hand quite well. You can see how that’s made. It is made so that it’s nice and comfortable to use. My thumb fits in that piece there and they’re made for, for a lot of high volume use, nice and comfortable for shifts to use. And then formed handle, perforated ends if you do need to drain any liquids from what you’re scooping out. If it’s say meatballs or curries or something like that. And then just the stainless steel one with the perforated end so just pick the one which you need.

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