Stainless Bottle Holder Product Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here is a short video describing our stainless steel bottle holder. So this is a five bottle holder. It holds five bottles. These are designed for commercial bars. They can also be used for home bars but they’re mainly designed for commercial. They’re an inexpensive way to buy these. It’s cheaper to buy these than what it is to get them fabricated off someone else so if you just need to put them up.

You can see either end, it’s got the screw holes, screw mounting holes there and you can, this can quite easily taken off to be cleaned and I’ll just show you up close what it is. So full stainless steel, good quality and hygienic—underneath it’s got a formed, formed base there and that’s all welded. Nice flat, back, you can see it’s been roll over and welded along there, the tops folded over and welded over as well so there’s no sharp edges so these edges here are just nice and rounded so they’re not too sharp so your bar staff won’t hurt themselves and get caught and cut themselves, that there is nice and round there, rolled over as well.

So I’m just going to show you the stainless speed rack —and it fits five bottles, so I’m just going to show you what, say you’ve got five basic syrup bottles in there, fits them quite easily there. So that’s five, you’ll actually get a couple more in there, so you’ll get six, seven, if one doesn’t quite fit of these bottles, so you can see it fits six quite easily. It’s made for five because some are a bit wider, you’ve got something, quite a thick bottle but you can squeeze six in there, like so, and then maybe something like, some bitters or something in the other end there.

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