Stainless Colander Product Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing the stainless steel colanders, which we sell. Now these are a large colander, standard size, which are very common for domestic use. They’re also great for commercial use if you’re only doing a small volume here.
So this is the idea size for a domestic use. Also great for service departments to stock the rooms where you need kitchen utensils. Good quality stainless steel—it’s built to last. Nice and hygienic there, polished on the outside, machine finish, it’s got a separate base and you can see the holes on the bottom there and then holes all around the outside there.
You can see inside where the holes are for draining things so for draining pastas or even for draining salads—just typical use as a colander. They are dishwasher safe because they are full stainless steel. They got welded on handles here. These are nice and firmly attached, the handle either side. And if you are in a commercial kitchen and you need a lot of these, they stack inside each other quite well like so, so you can stack these up—say ten of them—all stacked up. When you need a whole heap of them, they stack up quite well, out of the way, nice and easy to keep clean.

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