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Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here is a short video describing our two stainless steel creamers. So these are sold as a small creamer. You can see the size of it compared to my hand there. They are quite small. They hold a small amount of volume—90 mL and 140 mL. So these are great for serving up, they’re popular with cafés and coffee shops and restaurants for either serving up milk for your coffees, cream for any coffees, desserts, or for your tea and also cold, cold water if people buy long blacks. You can just put a bit of cold water and they can top it up to what they need.

So depending on what size you need there’s two sizes. Also very popular for, say, steakhouses for serving and other restaurants for serving sauces—tomato sauce, barbeque, or even gravies. People can put that in there and tip it on.

They’re dishwasher safe being hot, being stainless steel. Nice and hygienic, you can see what they are up close, nice and polished stainless steel there. You can see my reflection there. I hope I don’t put you off buying seeing, after seeing that. You can see the handles here. They’re just attached on with nice little welds. Good quality, little unit, a small pouring spout.

So if you need to buy these in bulk, buy a whole heap of them, they come in a box like so and then I’ll just open up the box and show you, that’s one of the box that these came out of so there’s just a whole packet there—a dozen of them there. You can just buy as many of these as you need.

And the overall height, I’m just going to show you the size—they are quite small—overall height of the large one is around 7 cm. That’s 140 mL is the 7 cm size. And the small on, the 90 mL is 55 mm high.

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