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Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our two stainless steel hanging hooks. So these are sold as, they’re sold as a meat hanging hook or any sort or as a butcher’s hanging hook is what they are sold as but they can be used for any sort of hanging and you can see what they are here. This is how they come. They come stainless steel so the thickness they are, they are a strong hook—like I’m pulling that apart there with quite a bit of force and that’s not even budging so these are good for hanging quite heavy things on.

And you can see one end’s got a spike so if you’re hanging meat on it, you can just put that through the meat to hang it and then one end is just squared off so you can just hang them like so and you’ll see how they hang as I’m just hanging that on my finger there. That’s how they’ll sit. They’ve got a nice, they’ll hang right at the right spot there, just a proper “S” shaped hook. They are designed so they do hang properly so as the weight is on this part here, the other part of the weights drop down below it so they’ll hang and there’s still enough hook up here so that things don’t slide off easily. So they’ll just slide over any bar.

So there are two sizes of stainless steel meat hooks, just get the two—either size you need. We do sell a lot of these but they’re sold as a pack as you see in the background, in a dozen. Because they are so, so cheap, we sell quite a lot of them. It’s not worth making your own hooks or messing around. These are very popular. They are proper stainless steels so they are nice and hygienic.

We’ve sold them for all sorts of things, for people at Christmas time that were doing a lot of hams and hanging them and preserving the hams, anything, but you can also use it for hanging utensils in a, in a workshop or a kitchen, hanging above there or any sort of hanging—hanging pots or plants or anything along those lines.

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