Stainless Milkshake Cup Product Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here is a short video describing our stainless steel milkshake cup. These are great for, for any commercial use. They’re good for commercial milkshake machines, for blending. You can see what they are there. They’re very popular in most cafés and restaurants. This is pretty much the standard one that they use and I’ll show you up close what they are.

So around here they got a stainless steel cap on the bottom, which has got a nice, flat bottom so they do sit flat on the table if you’re going to serve these, serve your drinks in these, and you can see how it’s got markings, markings on the inside here. So you can see on the inside those dimples, just there, so if you need to know where to fill liquids, that’s what they’re there for. And they’re ridged for reinforcement around the outside. It’s got a rolled, rolled edge here so there’s no sharp edges. This is safe for people’s lips if they put it on there and it also gives it a lot of strength. I could squash, really have a hard time squashing that.

On the outside, nice, polished finish so they do look quite stylish in any kitchen and on the inside, it’s just got a machine finish there. To buy these in bulk, this is how they come. They come in a, in a box like so. And this, this is, this box here’s got 12 of them in it, and I’ll just you how they do come so each one’s just stacked like so. You can see how they stack inside each other for storage so if you have a heap of these, you can just pile them up on, on the table like that. And they just, each one’s just plastic wrapped when you do buy them for the first time.


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