Stainless Mixing Bowls product Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our range of stainless steel mixing bowls so we’ve got three sizes—21 cm, 24 ½ cm, and 32 cm. Now these come, these are all sold separately. You can buy either one or you can buy each one in bulk so if you need all 21 cm or something, you just buy those. The, the size is on them, on the description there, on the listing. So you can see how they stack inside each other if you just need one of each, you can buy a set like so, but if you need a whole heap or something, if you need all one size, you can use those. So if you’re got to, say if you need a whole heap for mixing something of the same size, these are great for restaurants.

They stand up to any commercial use, any sort of catering, in age care facilities, cleaning, resorts, they’re great for home use just as a mixing bowl—even if you need them for a pet bowl they’re good because they’re nice and stainless steel and hygienic. They won’t rust. You’ll get years of use out of them.

And this is the actual design. I’ll show you up close what they look like. So you can see the actual shape there. They’ve just got you normal, round shape. Underneath, they’ve got a flat bottom there so it sits flat on the table and then that’s what that, you can see that there. And it’s got a flat rim around the outside and underneath it’s just rolled, this edge is rolled underneath here. That’s how they’re made. They’re nice and strong around there. They won’t flex, so they’re made for years of use. The outside’s nice and polished, got a great look on the outside there. Inside it’s just got a machined finished so that’s how they do come.

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