Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013

This is the transcription for the video above

[Begin “Coffee Tamper Stainless”]

Here’s a short video describing our stainless steel coffee tamper. Now these are great for either home use or commercial use if you need a good quality coffee tamper. Nice, solid, stainless steel, all one piece, fully polished as you can see. These are turned down and made with, out of good quality stainless steel. They’re made out of, you can put them in a dishwasher if you need to wash them, really easy to keep clean, extremely hygienic. These are the ideal preference for a coffee tamper.

So you can, if you ever need the other end, that’s what you can use it for. They come in a box like so—small, plain box. If you need it for a gift, they look quite respectable in that, that there. That’s how they do come.

And I’m just going to show you, up close, the design. You can see it’s got a slightly tapered inside edge there so it pushes it down quite neatly inside your coffee head and then just a nice little handle there that you can hold as you’re pushing it in.

The dimensions are as so, so they’re on the listing there but the very narrowest part of the head is 50 mm there, so it’s just a smidge over 50 mm. If you’re, it’ll go into something that’s 52 mm quite well and then it tapers out so it won’t go too deep in there. So the tapered part, the widest part of the head is close to 55 mm, around there, so that’s the size of them. Overall height is around 80 mm so 8 cm.

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