Stainless Steel Stockpots Product Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here is a short video describing our range of stainless steel stockpots. Now you can see we’ve got four sizes here. We’ve got, it starts at 8 L, the smallest, then it goes to 12 L, a 16 L, and a 20 L. So these are the stainless steel ones, the range that we have here. Each one comes with a lid like so and you can see how they, what they’re like.

They’ve got two handles, separate lid—lid with a handle. These are great for any sort of cooking as a stockpot for boiling up stock, for cooking up lobsters, or crabs, or any crustaceans at home, for boiling up big sauces and casseroles. Just pick the size you need and each one’s got its own, the sizes, dimensions on the page there.

And I’m just going to show up close up what one looks like. So this is the 8 L one. So you can see it there. We’ll take the lid off and show you what that is. So the lid, it’s got a nice, a little recess so it sits down inside. It fits quite well so you can see what that’s like and the rim underneath, it’s just got a machined bottom—nice and flat—on the top, polished. You can see my reflection there. You can see how the handle’s welded here. It’s got a nice, little round handle. There, you can grab quite easily.

And then, this is the actual pot so it’s got a rolled over edge here. Nice and round in the top and that’s where the lid fits down so it sits neatly, not let anything bubble out. Two handles, one on either side there and this is how the handle’s attached, they’re welded, got a nice, big, flat base to spread the load there and it’s welded all the way around there in spots and it’s held nice and securely.

Now the bottom, we’ve got what we call an encapsulated base. I’ll show you a close up so you can see how there’s a little rim there. So what that means, it’s got an actual—this little bit here—is an actual cap stuck on the bottom of the stockpot. So what it means, is as it heats underneath here, the heat’s distributed evenly over the whole pot there so on the inside, the heat’s distributed all the way around nice and evenly and it cooks quite evenly. It really does help prevent things sticking, which you get with cheaper pots. They won’t have that encapsulated, they’ll just have one, single base so that really is a great feature there.

And now, if you ever need these, more people ask this, you can buy this as whole set and each one’s stacked inside each other. So this one’s the 8 L—I’m going to stack it inside the 12 L, so if you need a double boiler, you buy one and then the next size up. So an 8 L and 12 L, and then I’ll show you the 16 L. That stacks inside there. They just sit on the handles quite neatly there. And then you can buy a 20 L as well, so you can buy the whole set like so and they all stack inside.

So if you need to boil, boil in this bottom one and then you heat something, just to cook it nice and slowly, extremely low heat—like they do that with cheeses and so on. That’s what that’s for. And then the whole set, each one comes with a lid so you can buy individual or you can buy a set of four altogether. And how each of them do come, they each come in a little box. Individually packaged in a little, white box like so, so that’s what they do come like. If you need it as a little gift or something, it’s a great gift idea. These wrap up quite well—very popular.

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