Steak Knives Product Video Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here is a short video describing our round tipped steak knives. Now you can see here what you’ve got. This is the steak knife and this is the box that they come in. This is how you’ll be buying them in a box of one dozen steak knives, and they come packed like so. So you can see each one’s just got a little cardboard sheath there when you do buy them.

I’m just going to show you up close what the steak knife is. Now, these are a very good quality steak knife. They’re sold to restaurants. They’re very popular through restaurants for their strength and durability. They are dishwasher safe with a black, plastic handle there. Nice and form fitted to the hand and you can see the nice, round tips, quite popular as they’re not so sharp. You don’t tend to need the sharp point. These are far more popular.

The serrations, you can see here, are nice and sharp. You’ll get many years of good use out of those with a good cutting edge on them. You can see how they’re made there. These are great for restaurants as a steak knife. They’re great to serve up. They display quite well for pubs, restaurants, hotels, anything along the line there. They’re good, great at home. The price is very hard to beat there.

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