Steak Sizzler Plate Product Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


This is a short video describing a cast iron steak sizzler plate. So what you’ve got, it comes in a box packaged like so, just a plain box and then as you take it out there—you can buy these in bulk if you need more than one for a restaurant. So you got three pieces—a little handle, cast iron, coated with enamel there and then the actual cast iron plate. This is the piece you heat up for steak sizzling there and then we’ve got the timber base. That’s what that looks like so you can see how that is. It’s got a little recess that it fits in. it fits in quite neatly and then you got a little handle here that fits on so you can pick that up so you can see how you pick that up there and that will take the weight off it. So that’s what you’ve got there.

When it’s hot, so you basically put the steak sizzling plate—this cast iron thing, you heat that up, you keep the handle here cool, separate, and when you need to pick it up, you can handle it like so. So the handle and the plate are both enameled.

And I’m just going to show you the size of it. Overall, the overall length is 29 ½ cm, the width 18 ½ cm. There the height is quite shallow—around 2 cm high. And then the timber base, you’ve already seen that, and that is what she looks like underneath. This is great for steak sizzling for one plate in a restaurant or for a sort of display there.

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