Steel and Iron Woks

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 

Iron Woks Video Transcription for the Video Below

Here’s a short video describing our two iron works. So you can see what we’ve got here, we’ve got two woks. One with the wooden, a single, wooden handle, like so, so they’re popular as a single, wooden handle wok. They’ve got a fully round base like you can see there. They’re nice and round in shape, just a good metal bracket here with the wooden handle so the wooden handle’s not too hot, you can grab it quite easily as you cook.

And these are, are black iron or steel which means that they do have to be kept coated in oil. These are very popular with Asian style cooking because as you keep the coated with oil, they get a nice coating there and they’re very nonstick. You can flick your foods inside here really well—just toss them without the need of utensils there.

And I’ll just show you the large iron wok. This is the, the bigger of the two and you can see this is for larger dishes, two handles, one either side. They’re just riveted on with two rivets there and there like you can see, so and these are made for the same reason. Same shape, just that nice, rounded base.

These are made to be used on a wok burner. They are not made to be used on flat, flat stove tops. They are made to be used with flames on a wok burner. So the flames wrap up and cook all nice and evenly across here and same thing, you can just toss them without many utensils—tossing your stir fry veggies, great for any, any sort of Asian cooking.

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