Stemless Wine Glass and Champagne Flute Product Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


This is a short video describing our stemless champagne flute and stemless wine glass. Now I’m just going to show you what each of these are individually and you can see on each of the listings, you’ve got each of the dimensions there. So you’ve got the overall height, which is top to bottom, you’ve got the bottom diameter, which is around here, the diameter across there, then the top diameter which is the diameter across there, then the maximum width so that’s across there on the listings.

And then up close you can see what it is. It’s just a nice little, stemless champagne flute. These are a very popular little item, quite a contemporary style, the stemless design, made by Libbey and then we’re going to show you the wine glass. So this wine glass is a really nice shape. It’s suitable for red or white wine, very popular glass there.

These, either of these can also be used for any sort of a display for sort of tea lights or, or as the display for ornaments or that sort of thing, display any sort of liquids or things you want to put inside these glasses.

And you can see in the background, they’re sold in a, in a box of one dozen so this is a box of the champagne flute and the wine glass is the same sort of box and they just stack inside here. Each glass is separated when we send them so we send them all around Australia like this and they’re nice and stacked in there securely. And we guarantee that they will arrive safely. If they do arrive broken, take a photo, e-mail it to us, and we’ll either replace or refund the broken glasses.

And these are very suitable for either restaurants or cafés, any sort of commercial use, any sort of catering. They’re fine in the dishwasher. They are made for commercial use. They’re a good quality glass. They really are made to last.

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