Sugar and Chocolate Mesh Shaker

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our mesh chocolate shakers. So these are designed for either commercial or domestic use, very popular for use in cafés and restaurants where you’re serving either a lot of cakes or cakes and, cakes and coffees as well as pastries. So you can either use them for shaking out chocolate for either coffees and cakes or icing sugar, that sort of thing, flour if you need any of that sort of stuff.

So you can see how they are. They’ve got a separate lid which comes off here like so and you can see how they’re held on with that little piece there and the lid’s just got the little dimple in there which slides into it. And inside you can see it’s just got a nice fully stainless steel, all nice and clean, no grooves where you can keep things, get things caught or dirty—nice and easy to keep clean, put them in a dishwasher if you need.

Fully stainless steel gauze, a nice, fine gauze for shaking out really fine powders like icing sugar or cocoa or chocolate. So that’s how they are there. So there’s just two different ones, they’re both the same thing only one without the handle and one with the handle like so.

And you can see the boxes in the background there. These are the boxes they come in if you want it for a gift for someone, these cook like, look quite respectable as a gift so you can send, buy them there. So if you need one or you need a lot, just buy what you need either with handle or without.

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