Super Special - Borgonova Glassware

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:4 October 2013 

We have a range of Borgonova Glassware on a super special price, most is massively reduced at over 50% off the retail price. This is all good stock, it is just an end of a Product line that you will no longer be able to get.

The is  good range of Large Glass Jars, which are perfect as cookie and sweet displays on the counters of cafes.

We have a whole pallet of Shot Glasses, which we can get printed for any promotions, we have about 10000 of these.

There are some assorted tumblers, coffee and espresso glasses which is also from the great quality European Borgonova brand.

We have several hundred oil/vinegar bottles. We are looking to do a deal with anyone looking to use these to fill with their own products or do a promotion on.

Also have a look at our glass storage containers, these are made from a high quality glass that can go straight from the freezer to the microwave, they are perfect for stocking in serviced apartments. 


Here is the link to them all on our website - Super Specials

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