Table Numbers, Stands, Menu Holder Product Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our table number stand, our menu card holder, and the actual table numbers. Now these are great for cafés and restaurants for marking table numbers or displaying menus or anything like that or—so I’m just going to go through.

So here’s the table number stand. This is a heavy based one. It’s got a nice, broad, heavy base. It’s not too high but it’s high enough to be able to see on most tables. It’s around 200 mm high, 20 cm. These are a good quality one by popular, by far these are the most popular ones. Other brands, other types, they don’t have such a heavy base. They’ve got a really narrow and quite a light base—an absolute pain because they just fall over. They make them tall. They make them very tall and then they have this little, skinny base and they’re just always falling over. It’s best to avoid these. This is a great one. This is the one you want.

Then the table numbers fit in here like this. So these table numbers, they’re sold as a set and it says what the set is on the actual item description, how many there are, and what numbers there are so whether it’s 1 to 26 or 1 to 50—1 to 50’s the main one we sell. So you can see these have got numbers on both sides. These are plastic. They’re easy to wipe down, good quality, made to last, and you’ve got a good range there for such a good price so you won’t ever run out of table numbers.

And then the menu cardholder, so these are more so, these are really good for windy areas where you need something that’s really nice and low that’s not going to fall over and all—quite low for displaying things. You can put anything in there really like paper or cardboard and anything you need to do, if you needed to display something different than table numbers, these are also great for, say, menu cards, drinks menus.

You can see what they are here. These are just nice, little, steel things with the rings and then you put your menu in there like, say, a drinks menu, will stand up like so across there and that’ll just display quite nicely or you can even get two if you’ve got a A4 and you just put two side by side and then put the corner of the base of the menu in it so it will display up, up there like so. And then you can see these are made the same way, just the ring is like so and the card just slides in there.


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