Takeover of VIVA Glassware to build Polycarbonate range

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:29 November 2013 

Tomkin announces takeover of VIVA Glassware to build Polycarbonate range

“Tomkin’s reputation is built on the calibre of leading brands and top quality products, so the decision to takeover the VIVA Glassware brand from Australia master distributor Brackley Industries was an easy one” says Director of Tomkin, Perry Rabin.

The takeover cements Tomkin’s presence in the polycarbonate drinkware market and adds to its well established stable of glassware and barware items.

And due to Tomkins considerable reach within the hospitality and retail sectors, pricing on the VIVA range will be very competitive.

VIVA Glassware’s range is the highest equality polycarbonate drinkware available in Australia. Each item is cleverly designed and produced to withstand breakages, scratches and discolouration, all whilst maintaining a crystal-like finish, modern and realistic appearance.

Bars, nightclubs and drinking establishments are finally making the switch to polycarbonate due to cost benefits (dramatic reduction in glass breakages and costs associated with replacement),  abour savings (less staff time dedicated to clean up of glass breakages), safety benefits (safer drinking environment for staff and customers) and quality benefits (the clarity and appearance of polycarbonate is maintained for years).

All VIVA Glassware items will continue to be manufactured in Hong Kong by VIVA.
For more information visit www.viva-glassware.com.au or www.tomkin.com.au.

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