Thermometers, Fridge, Oven, Meat, Candy and Coffee Product Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our range of dial face thermometers. So we’ve got five types here and I’m just going to go through and show you each one when you watch the whole video, each one individually. So we’ve got the oven thermometer, the meat thermometer, the candy or deep fry thermometer, the fridge/freezer thermometer, and in the back here, the milk frothing thermometer. So they’re each for a specific use.

And I’m just going to show you each one. So here we go, the oven thermometer. These are great for checking the oven temperature. This is how they all come as you can see the packages across here and we take it out here. It’s made here so you can either stand it in the oven like so on the little stand it in the oven like so on the little stand. It’s got a full, stainless steel body or you can hang it with this little hook on any of the wires in the oven there. So you can see how that is so it’ll just sit on the wire and hang there like so in the oven.

So it goes from 50 degrees is the minimum up to 300 degrees so these are great for commercial use is what we often sell them for, for any sort of catering, testing oven temperatures, bain-marie temperatures, that sort of thing. So you’ll know you’re keeping your bain-marie and your food quite warm.

So this a meat thermometer. It’s got a nice, metal spike on here so this is for sticking into the meat and actually testing the actual temperature of the meat. So it tells you the types of meat there that it tests and then the actual temperature of them that, that each of them, the optimum cook rate. So it does say dishwasher safe but I still do not recommend using them in the dishwasher. They’re better off hand washed so they do maintain their accuracy although they do say they are sealed. It’s better off hand washing.

And over here’s the high temperature candy thermometer so this goes, this is for deep fryers and candy. So 100 degrees minimum up to 400 degree maximum—same sort of construction, a little, metal spike with a clip so you can clip this clip onto the side of your deep fryer or saucepan or anything like that and you can just slide that down inside there so it sits there when you’re playing with high temperatures to keep, keep it at the optimum temperature and you can just watch the temperature as it goes, it spins around, and you can clip it even and slide it right off if you need to, it’ll slide right down like so.

Then the fridge/freezer thermometer, so it goes from minus 30 degrees to up to plus 30 degrees. These are great for cold rooms, fridges, freezers, eskies, anything like that to test the temperature, even in bain-maries if you’ve got a cold bain-marie and you have to check, check the temperature if you’re got a lot of dairy cakes, dairy based cakes and you want to keep them all nice and cool at the right temperature there so that they are quite, they’re served well.

And then a milk frothing thermometer, so this is for frothing milk when you’re making coffees—same thing, it’s got a spike and then a clip for clipping on the side of the milk jug and it just goes from 0 up to 100 degrees with an optimum range in the 60 and 70 degrees for frothing your milk.

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