Toilet Paper 1000 sheet 1 ply Product Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our 1,000 sheet, 1 ply, toilet paper. Now this is our most budget toilet paper, very economical, this is really popular for body corporate, for shire councils to supply in public toilets, that sort of thing and also with backpackers—we also sell them to backpackers.

So this is where you want a really nice, economical toilet paper, where you want to keep costs down. So you can see the roll there, how it comes, there’s 1,000 sheets and it’s only a single ply toilet roll—a nice, a really nice, large roll, so you don’t have to refill the rolls regularly. And these are commonly use, like I said, in councils, body corporates, backpackers, that sort of thing, or, but any sort of really budget accommodation.

And they are sold in a pack of 48 so you can see in the background the pack that’s got 48 rolls. That’s how they’ll be coming. And then you can see each toilet roll looks like so and inside that pack of 48 is packs like this which have four rolls in there and you can see I’ve just taken that one out for now.

Now these don’t fit in the stainless steel triple dispensers so these are too large in, if you have a dispenser like so, they don’t fit in there. If you want a one ply to fit into these dispensers—these dispensers are mounted on the wall like so—get the 850 sheet, so go for the 850 sheet if you want them to fit in these style of dispensers.


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