Toothpicks and Cocktail Parasol Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our cocktail parasols and the toothpicks which are sold wrapped, cellophane wrapped. So you can see the two items here and this is what they are. The cocktail parasol comes like so. They come in a box like this. There’s 144 parasols and you can see there’s a mixed range of colors. There’s blue, orange, yellow, green, pink and that there.

And this is what they are. So I’ll just show you, that’s how they come out of the box and then you just slide that rubber band down and then you can just open them up, gently, like so. See if you can get your hand underneath there—there—and you just slide that little rubber band up to keep them open. Take that rubber band off and that, the cocktail parasol goes in the side of your drink so you can put it there like that.

And then the cellophane wrapped toothpicks, so the toothpicks are like so. There’s 1,000 toothpicks in this box. These are really good, inexpensive toothpick. And then that’s how they come. This is what you want if you sell to a restaurant and you supply toothpicks. So they’re cellophane wrapped. They’re hygienic. Each one is wrapped in cellophane. You just take it out like so, so you can just have these on your counter, know that they’re nice and clean and hygienic, you’re not going to get into trouble. And they’ve got just a nice point on each end there.

Cocktail Parasol Umbrella

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