TOTAL Bathroom Cleaner

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 


Mountain’s TOTAL bathroom cleaner is an organic-acid, citrus boosted, bathroom cleaner and sanitiser. Its benefits are:

  1. It can be used on all surfaces of the bathroom and washroom; everything from toilets to mirrors
  2. It is safe to use with no harmful fumes (and does not contain any ammonia or chlorine)
  3. It destroys bacteria and mould and has a long lasting effect on keeping mould at bay
  4. It removes soap scum and rust staining around tapware

TOTAL has always delivered super cleaning performance. Its one drawback has been that when used regularly without rinsing, the citrus oil fragrance can build up and can eventually "go-off", resulting in a urine-like smell (not the best result when cleaning amenities!).

New Version

We have now created a new version of TOTAL called


TOTAL Original.

TOTAL Original

has all the same cleaning properties as TOTAL but without the issue described above. TOTAL Original has no added fragrance, although it still has a light, fresh smell from the natural citric acid used in the formula.

We have fully tested the product in-house and also with select customers who gave it very positive feedback.

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