Tumbler Plastic – Product Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 


Plastic Tumblers

Here’s a short video describing the SAN acrylic tumbler. These are a plastic tumbler. These are great for pool areas, in restaurants, cafés where you need an inexpensive, plastic tumbler. They’re made of, of SAN acrylic material, which is safe for your dishwasher on the top shelf only. If you need a high quality, high use one that you can use in any dishwasher, go for the polycarbonate tumblers, but these are great for domestic use, for resorts. They’re very popular around pool areas where you need to serve up a plastic glass so people don’t use glass around the pool area.

It comes packaged in a box—like so, and you can see inside, that’s got 72 in a box, the full box. They come stacked inside. Each one is individually wrapped so that they don’t scratch. They’re stacked inside each other. 




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