​Using Software Comparisons for Restaurant Booking and Management in Australia

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:7 April 2015 

Making use of software to compare restaurant booking and management in Australia and anywhere in the world is the easiest, fastest and most efficient way of doing away with problems that seemed to be part and parcel of any restaurant. Gone were the days when booking was done over the phone that could likely give no-show scenarios or last minute cancelations, which are revenue losses to a restaurant. Hotels have made this part of their functions, for they have seen the advantages it could bring when using these in restaurants have also proved to be efficient.

What These Software Programs Offer

There are companies that offer software tools to assist you with restaurant functions. The software can be customized to fit the needs of the restaurant such as its location, food, and size. It allows bookings to be done online where guests to your websites can easily book a table. There is an additional tool in the software that can help you with the management of all your online bookings.

Taking Advantage of Social Networks and the “Cloud”

Other companies offer software that is easy to install in any website that could allow you to receive bookings through computers, phone or even social networks like Facebook. The software includes free restaurant listing on their portal, which gives your restaurant free advertisement to their clients. They make use of the cloud system that can help you manage online reservations done through text messages or emails. This system could help you create a database for your customers that would include their personal dining preferences, personal profiles (thereby pave the way for updating them on specials), menu changes, and coupons that your restaurant would be offering.

Partnering with Online Booking Networks

Forming partnerships with an online booking network is another tool that can help create a following to your place by way of advertisement through their website. They are good to use since they are more focused on local happenings, which includes foodie events that could encourage people around the area to dine out by booking online through their site. Becoming a partner through these sites can make your restaurant visible and get an online presence that could spell a big difference in marketing it. Food festivals, events, and other gastronomic celebrations are their specialties where guests can browse through to know where the action is. The site also offers restaurant reviews which could highlight the specials or uniqueness of the ambiance or cuisine of a particular restaurant. Additional services include:

  • Information from participating restaurants about their discounts and special offers
  • Giving free online booking to their member restaurants
  • Making the search for restaurants quick and easy for the consumers
  • Making it easy for customers to buy vouchers that they can redeem from participating restaurants

Software Database Perks

Some software companies offer retail software that can allow restaurant managers to encode their inventories, marketing operations, and POS. This is perfect to use in a restaurant since the software can be used to encode data for a customer based on their dining experience or location which can, in turn, be ideally used for promotions.

Speaking of POS (point of sale software), it has been noted that some restaurants do not have this in their system. This is a powerful tool that can help any restaurant, big or small, in managing their inventories, menus, time schedule, reservations management, and customer management. Software can be customized to meet individual needs of restaurants which would greatly help in running the business efficiently.

Software for Accounting and Finance

Small restaurants usually go by small accounting software since they normally use the cash register software in receiving payments. This may have worked out fine before but would be inefficient to use in today’s digital age. Buyers now search for additional information such as management for customer relations, management of inventories, and updates on food cost, to name a few. Restaurant-specific software would be the best solution here, as it could give a system that can:

  • Check recipe costs against labor and inventory to come up with a price that could profit the restaurant
  • Give reports on the things that have spoiled in order to have them removed from inventory
  • Manage food and their prices
  • Manage inventory stocks and what needs to be replenished: this could also keep detecting over-portioning of food and petty theft
  • Keep track of reservation and seating queues: the system could even email or text customers the time of seating availability
  • Receiving inventory should be updated as fresh supplies arrive several times a day and prices may vary daily as well
  • Update customers of restaurant’s specials, offers or change of menus through emails and text messages (the system could also have a way for customers to refuse further offers)

Keeping Up with the Tablet

There are market trends that restaurateurs need to be updated. Being in a business that is people oriented has to keep up with the latest gadgets to make it easier to use for the customers. The tablet is one consumer technology that satisfies their demands, and which can make them order their meals or pay through the device. This convenience will readily bring in more customers that will be satisfied with the faster service that can make them do their bookings and at the same choose payment options.

Tablet hardware is an innovation, proven to be popular with the consumers. Software to use should include servers that could upload apps compatible with the iPhone, iPad, other mobile devices, and tablets that consumers are now concentrated on using. These apps could spell a big difference in booking reservations than when just using a desktop and laptop. 

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