Video on Digital Probe Thermometer

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 




This is the transcription for the video above

Hand Held Probe Thermometer

Here’s a short video describing the rotary stem handheld probe thermometer so you can see what you’ve got here. This is how it does come, it comes packaged like so, so if you want it for a gift for someone, these look quite presentable as a gift. And it’s instructions on the back there and it’s got another instruction manual inside, so you can see the little piece of paper there, just more instructions on how to use it because there is a whole range of different settings and ways to use it and a memory and recall function.

So, so what it is, you can see that it’s handheld there and it’s got a probe here that folds inside the handle like so—it’s a little stainless steel probe so this is for probing into, say, meats and things like that. You can also use it to test the air temperature and it comes with batteries included and this is where you put the batteries in, underneath there and you just drop the two batteries in there like so.

And I’m just going to show you how it works, so I’ll just close that there and that’s coming up. So you can see the temperature, the air temperature’s 19 degrees, 19.6 degrees and then if you wanted to probe that into, say, some meat, I’ll just put my hand around it here, it just has to be snug there and you’ll just watch the temperature start to rise slowly. There, it’s just coming up there—21, 22—as the temperature starts to come up to my hands, my hands are quite cold so that will just keep coming up to the temperature of my hands.

So these are great for commercial use for, they’re good for restaurants and chefs and that sort of thing, very popular for any of that sort of, for scientists or for any who needs a probe thermometer, it doesn’t need to only be used for food. It can be used for water temperature, testing liquids, testing animal, any sort of animal meats or something, something in a processing plant. They’re great for those sort of uses.

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