Wall Mount Bottle Opener and Bottle Cap Catcher by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 



Here’s a short video describing our wall mounted bottle opener and the bottle cap catcher. So you can see what you’ve got here. I’ve just mounted on a piece of stud pine. At the top here, this is a wall mounted bottle opener and this is the bottle cap catcher. So these are both sold separately. These are perfect for any commercial bar if you, or at home if you want to setup a really nice looking bar that looks commercial, this is what they’re for.

So as you can see, I’ve got a beer here, so I put the lid back on and to open these, you just put the beer in the top there, lever it down, it drops straight in there and I’ll just show you another one again. So these are great for quickly doing these. So they are twist top beers, as you can see, and that just pops that straight off so twist top or pop top beers these are for. And this is mounted.

I’m just going to show you up close what they are. I’m going to put that down so you can see how that was mounted on a screw and it was made so that you can take it off so you can empty your bottle tops out again at the end of the night when it’s full. And this is all good quality stainless steel, nice and hygienic, sits flat, you can see how it’s formed.

It’ll sit flat against the bench. It’s got a nice, flat back there, formed up like so, all welded together quite nicely, all the sharp edges taken off. So the top here, it’s rolled over around the edge here so it’s not sharp for your staff. They won’t hurt themselves. These corners here are all rounded off and smooth. They’re a great little piece there.

And so up close, this is how the bottle cap catcher, which are sold separately come. They’ve just got your two mounting screws there so you’ve just got to mount these the right distance apart so as you can fit a stubby underneath there, like so. So it won’t, won’t, you can get enough room to lever it into your bottle cap catcher.

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