Wet Floor Sign Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 



Here’s a short video describing our wet floor sign. Now you can see what the sign here, it says, “Caution Wet Floor—Cleaning in Process,” so this is for putting down on slipper floors once you have it cleaned or if your cleaners are working in the area. Mainly for occupational health and safety and to prevent liability and even just to let your clients know that cleaning is in progress, do let your cleaners to their job, and stay out of the way.

So you can see how it is. It’s an A-frame sign. It’s hinged at the top here and then it can fold flat like so and be stored. Now you can see a special feature on these, on both sides it’s got these little rubber feet. Now the, with the Oates have these, other brands don’t have them. So what this is, this helps prevent liability. These signs do get knocked over by people, kids, and just people knock them over. The wind might blow them over. They’re knocked over and land flat, the rubber feet lay flat on the ground.

So if someone comes and steps over them, these rubber feet will grip the floor and people won’t slide as can happen on these signs. They’ll slide right across the floor and then you can be in for, for the liability of falling over and you just don’t want your clients or your cleaners falling over and hurting themselves, regardless.

And you can see, they’re a good quality, injection molded plastic. Just, you can see what they are all around there, sign made on both sides. Again made by the Oates, you can see the Oates symbol in there, recessed in.

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