Window Squeegie, Washer, Scraper and Bucket Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our range of equipment for window cleaning. Now these, this window cleaning is from the Oates brand. The equipment is really good quality Oates, Australian company, and these are renowned for their quality. So you can see the pieces. These are the main things you need here. I’m just going to go through, through and show you what each of them are.

Now these are really popular with hotels, apartments, any sort of cleaners that do all sorts of cleaning, window cleaners, also for shops who want to clean their own windows. It’s popular for all those. So this is a basic set you’ll need to cover everything. Each piece is sold separately and the parts, they do have spare parts if the parts are needed.

Now we’ll just show you first, you’ve got your window scraper blade. Now this is for scraping off scale depositions or any sort of sticky stuff you might have on your windows, like watermarks, that sort of thing. Just a nice sharp blade, comes with replaceable blades, nice comfortable handle, like so. And it’s at a—nice, wide blade, good angle for scraping things off there. Also for car, car yards for cleaning windows and scraping off any decals or things they have on the glass and it comes with a little cover there to keep your blade sharp and to keep yourself from cutting when they’re in, being stored.

And then after that, once you’ve scraped the window, you’ll then wash it with a window pre-washer. Now, this is just a nice, wool washer with a, which you can take off and replace as they do wear out over time. You just take off and it’s got a, a base in there like so that is sits on and you can see the base but you need to do these up again and these are made to fit inside the bucket like so.

So you fill that up with detergent and water, dip, dip it in there, and then wash your windows with them before you squeegee them dry. And also, these handles, if you do need an extension pole, if you’re cleaning high windows there, you can get an extension pole that goes up to quite long and they might have a website as well, these will be able to reach up nice and high without having to use a ladder so you can clean your windows nice and quickly.

And then a window squeegee for once you’ve washed your windows to squeegee it dry—so again, a nice handle. It’s got a swivel head, like so, so if you need to clean at angles with your window washer, again, it fits the same extension pole. It’s got the same fitting in there, which takes the extension pole. And then you can square that up and then you can, I’ll show you up close what this is, so you can see the rubber blade and these are quite easy to change as they do wear down over time.

The rubber blades, you just undo that there. You can take that out and then just take these little, this little pins in the end there, which you take out to slide the rubber blade out and get a replacement. And then these don’t actually fit in the bucket because they don’t have to because you don’t wash from there. They’ll just sit there like so. You only use these for squeegee dry. Only the window pre-washer needs to fit in that bucket.

And then the bucket, which is a nice, sturdy, good quality, plastic bucket—won’t go brittle or break like some other, cheaper, window washing buckets that are out there. Good, sturdy handle, like so and you can see what they are and like I said, they are sold separately.

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