Wine Bucket and Stand Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing two items we have for sale, which are sold separately but they go together quite well. So you’ve got the wine bucket here—nice, stainless steel, high quality wine bucket and then the separate wine stand. So these are sold separately. You can see what that is here. I’m just going to describe each one individually as they are sold separately.

So the wine bucket here, you can see it’s got a nice, stainless steel polish finish on the outside. Fully formed, you can see underneath there—stainless steel. And then it’s got these handles on the side which are spot welded, attached quite firmly and you can see a handle on the side there, just a nice, thin handle. Inside, a machined inside—as always, these are made for one wine glass, for one wine bottle. They just fit two in there, not very well. They’re definitely great for one and plenty of ice in there but for two, it is very tight.

So the overall, the top diameter 18, nearly 18 ½ cm. The bottom diameter is 12 ½ cm. Overall height, we’ve got 18 cm high, the overall height, there.

And then these are sold separately from the wine bucket—stand, so you can see how that there fits inside. So these are great, if you just want to buy these and sit them on the table, just the wine bucket. And the stand, if you’re going to sit them on the floor, you sit that on the floor there, they fit in there quite neatly. Nice and stable there, they don’t fall over.

And I’m just going to show you the wine bucket stand. So this is what they are. There—they’re steel. They’re chrome plated. They’ve got a nice, polish chrome finish. Fully welded in here, you can see the welds, welds all through there, if I move my hand, and then they’ve got nice, the three feet underneath here.

Overall height—just going to show you how tall they are, the overall height at the highest point is 61 cm and the widest part, the diameter here across the widest part, if you need to make it fit somewhere, is 20, 28 ½ cm across there, that widest part.


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