Wine Glass Hanging Racks Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our two wine glass hanging racks. Now you can see how they both come, there’s a 25 cm and a 40 cm. They come packaged like so and I’m just going to take one out and show you what it is. So they come with the three mounting screws in each one, like that, and there’re three mounting points so they’re screwed there, just there, and then one screw on the other end there.

And we’re just going to, when you mount them, you mount them upside down like so on the underside of some sort of an overhang—above a bar is quite popular and they’re made for hanging your wine glasses upside down. So the wide end goes out, like so, so you can take them on—in and off—but yeah, they, they couldn’t go, you don’t put them back to front because if you put them that way, the wine glass won’t go in. So that’s how they hang and you can see the wine glass doesn’t come out there.

They are made for stemmed wine glasses with a, a thin stem so they’ll hang and this is the way to hang wine glasses. This way they’re nice and hygienic, no dust falls in them. When they’re in under the counter, they dry out properly and the sit out of the way.

Really popular with bars, restaurants, that sort of thing for organizing their wine glasses—champagne flutes is the same. They just hang there like so, the champagne flute, so this is the 25 cm one. And you’ll get around, get two or three glasses on the 25 cm one and then you’ll get some more on the others and you can stack, stack them there like so.

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