Wine Glass with Line and Champagne Flute Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013


Here’s a short video describing our range of glasses from the Perception glass range. So these are the champagne flute and the two Perception glasses, Perception wine, both in the 325 mL and the difference with these is this one here has a plimsoll line so we’ll just show you wine glass with line up close. You can see the line there. That there is marked at one standard drink. Now we sell these glass, these are the only glasses we sell like this and these are a very popular glass with pubs, hotels, bars, that sort of thing where they do need to mark that for the staff so they say, “Fill to that line for one,” for all your wine.

And these are, these glasses, the shape here, you can see it’s a really nice, stylish shape, extremely popular as they’re suitable for red or white wine and they really are quite a nice, elegant shape there. And these glasses are probably the perfect balance between style, strength, durability, and price. So they’re a really good quality commercial glass, can handle going in and out of dishwashers all night if in a high volume, commercial use.

And also, they just got a nice, just a nice, thick stem, not too thick, sturdy base here, not too top heavy, good height. Just a really good all around sized glass so either buy them with the line like so and they’ll say “with plimsoll line” or just without so it doesn’t, the listing there won’t, is without it, doesn’t say anything about a line and you can see they’ve got no line on them—exactly the same glass.

And then the champagne flute’s a very popular champagne flute, really nice style there, good shape and design and any of these, you’ll be able to see the actual dimensions so the volume here of the, of the glass, the overall height from top to bottom, like so, and then the dimensions, the base diameter, the top diameter across there, and then the maximum width, so in this case, it’s the widest part of the glass, which is the foot. But in these it’s the actual bowl here. It’s the widest part.

And you can see in the actual background there, that’s the actual box that they do come in. We sell these by the dozen and they come in a box like so and we send these all around Australia. These are really popular with bars, restaurants, anyone who wants to use a good quality, commercial glass that’s made to last and a good, good price. So we sell them like that. Also very popular for catering, people keep these boxes and store them back into and you can see how all your glasses fit in there.

So if any of these do arrive broken when you buy them, just take a photo, e-mail it to us, and we’ll either replace or refund the broken glasses.

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