Wooden Spoons Product Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 



Here’s a short video describing our two beech wood wooden spoons. So we’ve got two sizes that we commonly sell. These are the most common. This is the large wooden spoon is the 50 cm, which is a large, heavy spoon and you can see all the length of it there. You can see the size of the spoon compared to my hand. It’s nice, big spoon area there. Nice, long handle there for, for say, for our stockpots and that sort of thing if you stirring big dishes. They’re nice and thick through here so they’re nice and strong.

The shorter one here, beech wood, this one is a common household size and if you needed a shorter spoon for, for say, for shallower pots, that sort of thing, or for, for fry pans, that’s 30 cm wooden spoon. You can see how they’re made. On the back there, you can see there’s a timber spoon shape. And that’s how they’re formed, nice domed end on it.

These are great for commercial or domestic use. They’re suitable for both, for commercial kitchens, for any sort of catering, or for home use if anyone wants a good quality, wooden spoon.

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