Wrapped Guest Soap Product Video by Maven Supplies

Author: John Fay   Date Posted:6 November 2013 



Here’s a short video describing our Ecofresh guest soaps. Now these here are a 16 g guest soap and these are from the Ecofresh range and you can see all the other amenities in the background here and this matches all of these so anything from the Ecofresh range all match together. So there’s things like shampoos, conditioners, body wash, moisturizer, there’s sachets or shampoo and conditioner, sanitary bags, and shower caps.

But these are our most inexpensive hotel soap. They’re around nine cents per soap which is a real bargain for any sort of wrapped soap and that’s how they come in a little, white packet like so. And they’re sold in a box of 400 so you can see in the background this box says “400” soaps, it says there in a box like so.

And I’ll just move these out of the way and you can see these are actually made in Australia so they’re an Australian made soap. They are made for us. We are one of the exclusive distributers of this actual soap. And they’re a really nice, little soap.

So I’m just going to open you up, I’m going to open this package up and show you what the soap is inside. It’s just a little, round guest soap made from materials sourced in Australia and you can, you can see what it is. It’s got a nice, little flower logo on it and, and they do smell quite nice. They’re a nice, refreshing soap from the Ecofresh range—just a small, facial soap.

They call it a “facial” soap but they can also be used for your hand, hand or body. They’re just a small guest soap, really popular for supplying guests so for hotels, motels, service departments. They look great. For the price they are, you’re going to be pretty hard matched to beat, beat this price here. And you’ll see how they come, just boxed loosely in a box like so there.

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