We have several ranges of Cutlery suitable for commercial use. These are all sold in boxes of 1 dozen. We also sell some of the items in bulk cartons of 10 dozen, 15 dozen, 25 dozen or 50 dozen at discounted rates, you will see these on each products pages, if it is available.

Each cutlery has different styles and are of varying quality. Basically the more you pay, the higher the quality stainless you get and a thicker, stronger cutlery piece it will be.

Teaspoon Sydney 142mm x 12
RRP $12.32
Cake Fork Sydney 150mm x 12
RRP $13.20
Butter Knife London 177mm
RRP $40.48
Cake Fork London 140mm x 12
RRP $27.28
Cake Fork Milan 146mm x 12
RRP $27.72
Cake Forks Barcelona x 12
RRP $12.76
Dessert Spoon Oslo x 12
RRP $8.36
Dessert Spoons Melbourne
RRP $11.44
Oyster Forks Barcelona x 12
RRP $12.76
Salad Fork London 242mm
RRP $10.12