Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

These Bulk Toilet Papers and Dispensers are for commercial use.

The 200 and 250 sheet 2 ply toilet rolls are good for Serviced apartments, small offices and workshops.

The 400 sheets 2 plys are for Motels, Hotels and larger offices and workshops which have a higher volume use.

The 700 sheet x 2 ply are used in areas where you want a large roll but do not service the room regularly, these are the best value as you get the most amount of paper per roll 

The 1 plys are for Shopping Centres, Backpackers, Council, etc. where you need to keep costs down and just need something there for your amenities where quality is a lesser priority.

The Jumbo Rolls are only used in Jumbo Rolls Dispensers, there are great where theft is an issue as people cannot use these at home.

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